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The care giver category was added to the UK government’s short occupation list in 2022. For those of you who are looking for an easy way to settle in UK, the care giver route can be a good option. So, while the care giver category is valid, those interested should apply for care & sponsor visa through Rose Consultancy.

To get care & sponsor visa you need to fill only one application. And that is – In ILTES exam you have to score 4 in each module.

There are many companies, who bring people to UK on care & sponsor visa but are not able to provide working hours. There Rose Consultancy can guarantee you a 3–5-year care giver visa.

You can apply for care & sponsor visa through Rose Consultancy without any advance payment.

contact us on 01326763035, 01308986477,01326892445,
+44790846897 to get in care & sponsor visa in UK without delay. Inbox for more details.

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