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As a skilled worker in IT

As a skilled worker in IT, your skills are highly demanded in developed country. You have been offered a job in the IT sector in abroad. If You are able to provide proof of at least two years of experience in IT, your professional experience adequately qualifies you for the job you would like to […]

The UK government has recently announced

The UK government has recently announced new changes to this visa route, and its crucial to stay informed about these updates. these updates to the skilled worker visa being important changed for applicants. So, if you are planning to work in the UK, take our consultancy. In the attached picture you can see our success […]

Everybody needs achievement

Everybody needs achievement, yet it just takes after the individuals who make a genuine way to get it. You know that diligent work and commitment have a goal that is an achievement. Congratulate to you all getting UK visa. We are delighted to be with you on this journey. Continue onward and achievement will be […]

Unlock Your Dream Career as a Caregiver in the UK with an IELTS Score of 4

If you want to work as a care giver in UK and if you have IELTS score 4, then Rose Consultancy will help you to get Care giver visa for 3-5 years. What are the responsibilities of a care giver? A Care giver is responsible for upkeeping their clients’ hygiene, ensuring their safety and facilitating […]